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Broadcastingand Media

Broadcast Solutions is the leading system integrator for the development, planning and realisation of complex systems and products for broadcast and media.Broadcast Solutions offers innovative and sustainable solutions for the broadcast and media industry. We plan and implement projects and solutions that cover the entire value chain of the broadcast and media industry. Our OB Vans, studio and broadcast facilities, units for satellite communication and products for controlling complex broadcast workflows are in use worldwide. For some of our products we offer full-service production support.

Since 1998, Sunsky Software is one of the leading broadcasting solution providers that has served many best broadcasters and media brands around the world. Our recognized expertise in the broadcasting and media technology allows us to design, develop and commission state-of-art broadcasting solutions to clients.

We deliver our broadcast and media solutions and services from our offices in India and abroad. By employing our technological expertise and benchmark workflow tools, we have streamlined even the most complex broadcasting and media services. Our comprehensive service portfolio includes various Consultancy and Design Services and System Integration Services including Radio and TV channel installations. Our eyes for detail and changing technology trends have helped us to overcome customers’ expectations and meet business challenges with an unbeatable speed. We have always demonstrated pro-activeness in adopting and employing new technologies as well as modern broadcasting installations. In short time, Sunsky Software has won recognition as one of the leading broadcast system integrators in India.

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